Trading in currency pairs is one of the quickest ways to make a profit. Currencies trading provides numerous opportunities for a trader. He can earn on both rising and falling of the prices. Some of the currency pairs can move for about 400 points per session. Such high volatility combined with leverage can significantly boost the profit of a trader. SwipeCapital offers you the best opportunities to earn on the currency markets.

There are three groups of currency pairs: majors, cross pairs, and exotic pairs. Each of them offers different opportunities for a market participant. The three large groups of the currencies are:

  • major pairs (majors) - include the US Dollar and one of the seven most popular currencies that make up almost 80% of the daily trading volume in the foreign exchange around the globe. They form the most stable sector of the currency market.
  • cross-pairs - combinations of two major currencies against each other; they can move up to 200 points a day.
  • exotic currency pairs - one of the other major currencies is traded against a less popular currency with low trading volume. For instance, GBP/TRY (British pound vs Turkish lira) and EUR/SEK (Euro vs Swedish krona). Exotic pairs are the most volatile in the currency market.

SwipeCapital offers more than 50 types of currency pairs for trading. A market participant can trade in any number of pairs.

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